Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

DEATHS - 1865 State Census, Mortality Schedule
Fulton County, New York

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Deaths occurring during the year ending June 1, 1865, excepting those of persons in the service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service.

Towns included in this Mortality Schedule: Bleecker, Broadalbin, Caroga, Ephratah, Johnstown (includes Gloversville), Mayfield, North Hampton, Oppenheim, Perth and Stratford.

						Civil	  of    
Name of Deceased	Age	Sex	Color	Cond.	Death   Place of Birth	Occupation	Disease or Cause		Census Town
_OAG, S. S.		32	F	W	M	21-May	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			North Hampton
ABEL, Francis H.	1 2/12	M	-	S	28-Jun	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Lungs		Ephratah
ADAMS, Emily		23	F	W	M	1-Nov	NY		-		Fever				Johnstown
ADAMS, Jane		54	F	W	S	9-May	NY		-		Heart Disease			Johnstown
AEGUSIMPH, Catharine A.	90	F	W	W	12-Jun	NY		-		Old Age				Johnstown
ALLEN, Cemantha		42	F	-	M	23-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			Ephratah
ALLEN, Elisha		34	M	W	M	27-Dec	NY		Carpenter	Consumption			Johnstown
ALSBRO, Lilla N.	1 2/12	F	-	S	17-May	Fulton Co.			Whoping cough and congestion 	Mayfield
ARGOTSINGER, George	22	M	-	M	1-Apr	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Inflamation on the Lungs	Mayfield
AUSTIN, Frank		3	M	W	-	13-Nov	NY		-		Diptheria			Oppenheim
AUSTIN, Henry		66	M	W	M	2-Mar	England		Farmer		Heart Disease			Caroga
BAKER, Abagail		77	F	W	W	16-Jul	Vermont		-		Dropsy and Heart _______	North Hampton
BAKER, Elisha T.	65	M	W	W	May __	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Cancer				North Hampton
BARRETT, Thomas		1 10/12	M	W	-	7-May	NY		-		Burned to death			Oppenheim
BARTTELL, Anna		6/12	F	W	S	12-Jul	NY		-		Brain Disease			Johnstown
BAUM, Sarah A.		1/12	F	W	S	6-Jun	Fulton Co.	-		Whopping Cough			North Hampton
BECK, Elen		5	F	-	S	29-May	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria			Ephratah
BECKER, Jacob		52	M	-	M	17-Mar	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Consumption			Mayfield
BEEMIS, Elizabeth	12	F	-	S	30-Jun	NY		-		Unknown				Broadalbin
BEHLEN, Fredrick	61	M	-	M	18-Dec	Switzerland	Farmer		Inflamation of Lungs		Mayfield
BELDON, Malie ?		11	F	W	S	17-Mar	NY		-		Brain Disease			Johnstown
BELLOW, Mary		1	F	W	S	13-Aug	NY		-		Inflamation of the Bowels	Caroga
BRAEET, Emerson		17	M	W	S	2-Sep	NY		Farmer		Accidental Shooting		Caroga
BRAEET, Peter		25	M	W	S	31-Jan	NY		Butcher		Typhoid Fever			Caroga
BRAMER, Phoebe		70	F	-	S	27-Jan	Conn.		-		Consumption			Mayfield
BRAMON, Obilla		11	F	-	S	18-Jan	Washington Co.	-		Consumption			Mayfield
BRIGGS, Daniel		60	M	-	M	6-Mar	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Pluersey			Mayfield
BRIGGS, Elisha		77	M	W	M	30-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of the Bowels	Johnstown
BRONK, ------		56	F	-	M	17-Jan	Fulton Co.			Tumer				Ephratah
BROOKS, Peter		85	M	W	W	26-May	NY		Lawyer		Paralysis			Johnstown
BROOKWAY, Mary G.	74	F	-	M	22-Feb	NY		-		Consumption 			Broadalbin
BROWN, Hariett		36	F	-	M	18-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Cold in Childbirth		Mayfield
BROWN, Leonard		1/3	M	-	S	27-Aug			-		Consumption			Broadalbin
BROWN, Morey A.		9	M	W	-	2-Apr	NY		-		Dropsy on heart			Oppenheim
BROWNEL, David		3 7/12	M	W	-	20-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria			Oppenheim
BROWNELL, S. M.		14	F	W	S	5-Dec	Columbia Co.	-		Scarlet Fever			North Hampton
BUCHANAN, Harriet	13	F	-	S	13-May	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			Bleecker
BURDICK, Elizabeth	84	F	-	W	5-May	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			Ephratah
BURTON, Sarah E.	18	F	W	S	11-Mar	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
CALDAWORD, Andrew	51	M	W	S	4-Mar	NY		Farmer		Conjetion of the Lungs		Perth
CAMPBELL, Peter		83	M	-	M	18-Jun	NY		Farmer		Old age & General Disability	Broadalbin
CANARY, John J.		5	M	W	S	1-May	NY		-		Inflamation of Bowels		Perth
CARMICHAEL, Charles	28	M	W	S	18-Feb	NY		Farmer		Consumption			Johnstown
CASE, Elenor		87	F	-	W	27-Apr	Mass.		-		Consumption			Mayfield
CHEESEBRO, Cynthis M.	38	F	W	W	5-Mar	NY		-		Congestion of the Brain		Johnstown
CLANS, Peter B.		42	M	W	M	23-Jan	NY		Farmer		Typhoid fever			Oppenheim
CLARK, Emma		34	F	W	M	12-Aug	NY		-		Consumption			Perth
CLARK, Mary		81	F	W	W	4-May	NY		-		Old Age				Perth
COLLINS, ______		74	M	W	W	21-Dec	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Old Age				North Hampton
COLLINS, William	67	M	-	M 	30-Apr	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Fit Appople and Rrumatic	Mayfield
COMRIE, William		16	M	W	S	27-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Heart Disease			Johnstown
CONMIRE, Agnes		74	F	-	W	21-Dec	Germany		-		Old age & Disability		Bleecker
CONNER, Joseph		2 2/12	M	W	S	9-Sep	NY		-		Dyptheria			Perth
CREIGHTON, Margaret	25	F	W	S	20-May	NY		-		Inflamation of Bowels		Perth
CULBERT, John D.	60	M	-	M	24-Nov	NY		Farmer		Kidney complaint		Broadalbin
CUMENS ?, Martha	43	F	W	M	1-Jan	Vermont		-		Cancer	North 			Hampton
CUNNINGHAM, Isabel	62	F	W	W	15-Apr	Mass.		-		Inflamation on lungs		Oppenheim
DALRYMPLE, Anna L.	4	F		S	14-May	Stratford	-		Heat ? Disease			Stratford
DALRYMPLE, Sally	58	F		W	22-Apr	Stratford	-		Consumption			Stratford
DARLING, Chauncey	7/12	M	W	S	19-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			North Hampton
DARN ?, Giles		45	M	-	M	1-May	Germ.		-		Kiled Harry running away	Ephratah
DEAN, E. J.		51	F	W	M	28-Nov	Saratoga Co.	-		Spasm _________			North Hampton
DENNIR, Borent		73	M	-	M	17-Aug	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Congestion of Brain		Mayfield
DEWEY, Andrew J.	38	M	W	M	21-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Small Pox			Johnstown
DOLPHUS, S. Austin	9	M	W	-	26-Aug	NY		-		Diptheria			Oppenheim
DONALESON, JAMES	67	M	-	M	22-Jul	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Congestion of the Lungs		Bleecker
DUNTON, Adela E.	1	F		S	25-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Lung Disease			Stratford
DURSTEN, Matilda	57	F	-	M	19-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Nervis Disease			Ephratah
DUTTON, Infant		8/12	F		S	8-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Colera Infantum ?		Stratford
EARL, Mora		2 5/12	F	W	S	28-May	NY		-		Unknown				Johnstown
ELLSWORTH, Mary E.	25	F	-	S	25-Mar	NY		-		Consumption			Broadalbin
EVANS, Ida		7/12	F	W	S	28-Jan	NY		-		Catarrh in Bowels		Johnstown
FARTHING, Wilber R.	20	M	W	S	26-Sep	NY		Cutter		Heart Disease			Johnstown
FERGUSON, Arraham	85	M	-	M	19-Feb	NY 		-		Old Age				Broadalbin
FISKE, Horace J.	2/12	M	W	S	25-May	NY		-		Not Known			Johnstown
FLINN, Maggie		7	F	-	S	2-Feb	NY		-		Dropsy on Brain			Broadalbin
FORREY, ___ear		Unk	M	W	S	Aug __	NY		-		Cholera Infantual		Johnstown
FORREY, David S.	2	M	W	S	11-Feb	NY		-		Inflamation and Bowels and ___	Johnstown
FORT, Mariam		49	F	-	M	16-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Appoplet			Mayfield
FREDRICK, Jane A.	44	F	W	M	26-Mar	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
FRENCH, Samantha	68	F	W	M	14-Sep	NY		-		Dysentary			Johnstown
GETMAN, William J.	1	M	W	S	13-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Cronic Diarhea			Johnstown
GIFFORD, Ruth A.	21	F	-	M	8-Jun	NY		-		Consumption			Broadalbin
GORTHY, Margaret E.	5 8/12	F	-	S	1-Jun	NY		-		Diptheria			Broadalbin
GORTON, Charles R.	9/12	M	-	S	25-Aug	NY		-		Direah				Broadalbin
GORTON, Mary B.		3 3/12	F	-	S	11-Aug	NY		-		Direah				Broadalbin
GRAFF, ______		48	F	W	M	17-Jul	NY		-		Typhoid Fever			Johnstown
GREEN, Susan		34	F	W	S	21-Aug	NY		-		Mucus Diarrhea			Johnstown
GREENSLET, _. M.	2	F	W	S	14-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		__________ Complaint		North Hampton
GRER, Nancy M.		48	F	-	M	11-Mar	Ireland		-		Livor Complaint			Ephratah
GRIFFITHS, Daniel	33	M	W	W	3-Nov	NY		Blacksmith	Fever				Johnstown
GULICK, Ida		17	W	W		10-Jun	NY		-		Dropsy of the Brain 		Johnstown
HAGGART, David		53	M	W	M	11-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Cronic Diarhea			Johnstown
HAGGART, Sherwood	49	M	W	M	1-Sep	NY		Manuf.		Brain Fever			Johnstown
HAGLEN, Julia		19	F	W	S	19-Oct	NY		-		Diptheria			Caroga
HALL, Charlotte A.	22	F	-	M	16-Oct	Jefferson Co.	-		In Childbirth			Mayfield
HANDY, John		50	M	-	M	28-Mar	Fulton Co.	Laborer		Inflamation on the Lung		Mayfield
HARNERD, Emma A.	21	F	W	S	10-Oct	Suffolk Co.	-		Not Known			Johnstown
HARRING, Aaron		86	M	W	M	23-Oct	Fulton Co.	Lawyer		Old Age				Johnstown
HARTIN, ______		0	M	-	S	19-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		In Childbirth			Mayfield
HATMAKER, John A.	11/12	M	W	S	29-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation on Lungs		Johnstown
HAYES, James H.		44	M	-	M	21-Feb	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Congestion of Brain		Mayfield
HEALY, Cora E.		4	F	W	-	3-Jun	NY		-		Dyptheria			Oppenheim
HENCHICK, W.		1	M	W	S	25-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Lung Fever			North Hampton
HILL, Howard M.		2 9/12	M	W	S	31-Aug	NY		-		Teething			Johnstown
HOSWELL, Myron		5/12	M	-	S	9-Mar	NY		Infant		Consumption of Lungs		Broadalbin
HOUGHTALING, David E.	2 1/2	M	W	S	29-Jan	NY		-		Croup				Johnstown
HOXAIE ?, George H.	13	M	-	S	Nov __	NY		-		Scrofulous			Oppenheim
HUTCHINS, Mary		32	F	W	M	18-Aug	New Jersey	-		Diptheria			Perth
HUTCHINS, Susan	1	 8/12	F	W	S	8-Oct	NY		-		Worms				Perth
IRWIN ?, Margaret	20	F	W	S	5-Mar	Ireland		-		Consumption			Johnstown
JACKSON, Charles P.	11/12	M	W	S	27-Feb	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
JACKSON, James		69	M	-	M	15-Jun	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Lung Fever			Mayfield
JACKSON, Sarah		11	F	W	S	10-Oct	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
JACKSON, Solomon	37	M	W	M	10-Oct	NY		Barker		Consumption			Johnstown
JOHNSON, Mary C.	47	F	W	S	12-Mar	NY		-		Paralysis			Johnstown
JOSLIN, James T.	83	M	W	M	20-May	Haviland	Farmer		Conjetion of the Lungs		Perth
KARG, Lewey		3	M	W	S	24-Jun	NY		-		Accidental death 		Caroga
KENNADA, Arch D.	21	M	-	S	30-May	Fulton Co. 	Student		Consumption			Mayfield
KENNY, W. A.		1 1/2	M	W	S	26-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Fever				North Hampton
KEYSOR, John		82	M	-	W	21-Feb	Vermont		Mechanic	Old Age				Mayfield
KILLENBECK, Mary	6	F	W	S	20-May	NY		-		Conjestion of the Bowels	Caroga
KING, J. H.		5	M	W	S	9-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Tumor on the Bowels		North Hampton
KING, Sarah Ann		6	F	W	S	26-Sep	NY		-		Dropsy on the Brain		Johnstown
KINNEY, George		3	M	W	S	Mar __	NY		-		Croup				Johnstown
LABRIGE ?, Catherine	66	F	W	M	30-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Reumatism			Johnstown
LAKE, _line		92	F	W	W	4-Apr	New Jersey	-		Dropsy				Johnstown
LANA, William		84	M	W	M	30-Sep	England		Laborer		-				Oppenheim
LEAVENWORTH, Celia E.	17	F	W	S	14-May	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
LEAVITT, Anson		58	M		M	30-May	NY		-		Burned while clearing land	Stratford
LEROY, Harriet M.	14	F	W	S	24-Jul	Saratoga Co.	-		Diptheria			North Hampton
LIVINGSTON, Fred	8/12	M	W	S	30-Jun	NY		-		Fits				Oppenheim
LIVINGSTON, Sarahell	41	M	W	M	10-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Appoptice Tilt			Johnstown
MABB, Edwin E.		97	M	W	S	16-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Dropsey and Rheumatism		North Hampton
MARONY, James		2/12	M	-	S	Jan __	Fulton Co.	-		Inflimation of Bowels		Mayfield
MARTIN, Sally		82	F	-	W	30-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Old Age				Mayfield
MARVIN, A.		20	M	W	S	2-Nov	Fulton Co.	Student		Fever and Abscess 		North Hampton
MATTHEWS, Edward	25	M	W	M	25-Jul	NY		Glove Cutter	Consumption			Johnstown
MATTHEWS, Elsie		98	F	W	W	10-Apr	NY		-		Old Age				Johnstown
MATTHEWS, Maria A.	20	F	W	M	12-Jun	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
MC COLLUM, Fada		7	F	-	S	4-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Dysentary			Mayfield
MC COLLUM, Gerta	4	F	-	S	24-Sep	NY		-		Dysentary			Mayfield
MC EWEN, Gertrude	1 1/3 	F	-	S	16-Oct	NY		-		Dropsy in the Brain		Broadalbin
MC KEGNEY, Charles	1/12	M	W	S	25-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation of the Lungs	Johnstown
MC LAREN, John R.	64	M	W	M	15-Aug	Scotland	Farmer		Nervous Consumption		Johnstown
MC LAREN, Peter		57	M	W	W	22-Jan	NY		Farmer		Consumption			Johnstown
MCGOWEN, Louisa		1	F		S	20-May	Fulton Co.	-		Heart Disease			Stratford
MCINTOSH, Janet		52	F	W	S	26-Aug	NY		-		Disentary			Perth
MEAD, Stephen		75	M	W	M	16-Jan	NY		Shoemaker	Consumption			Caroga
MENGES, Laura		20	F	W	S	30-May	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
MERRILL, J.		72	M	W	M	13-Oct	Vermont		Farmer		Consumption			North Hampton
MILLER, Andrew		15	M	-	S	6-Nov	Germany		Farming		Dypthera			Bleecker
MILLER, John		21	M	-	S	31-May	Fulton Co.	Farming		Dypthera			Bleecker
MILLER, John M.		30	M	-	S	14-Aug	Germany		Musician	Disease of the Heart		Bleecker
MINTUS, Drannah		42	F	B	M	4-Feb	Montgomery 	-		Consumption 			Mayfield
MOORE, Martin		76	M	W	M	22-Oct	NY		Farmer		Consumption			Johnstown
MORRELLS, Rufus		87	M	-	W	15-May	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Inflamation in the Bowels	Mayfield
Munroe, Robert		85	M	-	W	17-Aug	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Bowel Complaint			Broadalbin
MYRE, John F.		3	M	-	S	18-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of the Bowel	Bleecker
NOONAN, Clarisa		76	F	-	W	10-Mar	NY		-		Affection of the Glands		Broadalbin
NORTHRUP, Agnes E.	2 6/12	F	-	S	10-Feb	NY		Infant		Fits				Broadalbin
OLMSTEAD, John W.	32	M	W	M	11-Sep	NY		Cutter		Typhoid Fever			Johnstown
PARMELEE, Laura		70	F	W	M	Apr __	Conn.		-		Consumption			Johnstown
PARRIS, George		3 ?	M	W	S	26-Sep	NY		-		Congestion of the Lungs		Johnstown
PAYNE, David A.		26	M	W	S	17-Apr	NY		Glover		Small Pox			Johnstown
PLACE, Annie		11/12	F	W	S	14-Oct	NY		-		Dropsey on Brain		Johnstown
PORT, William		85	M	W	W	1-May	Ireland		Farmer		Black Jaundice			Johnstown
PORTER, Wm. H.		1 5/12	M	W	S	23-May	Canada		-		Inflamation of the Bowels	Johnstown
PUTMAN, Phebe		30	F	W	M	6-Jun	NY		-		Typhoid Fever			Johnstown
RESE ?, Matilda		26	F	W	S	26-May	NY		-		Consuption			Perth
REYNOLDS, Juliett	5/12	F	-	S	13-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Inflimation on Lungs		Mayfield
RICHARDSON, Ella E.	2	F	-	S	26-Oct	NY		-		Inflamation of Heart and Bowels	Mayfield
ROBERTSON, James F.	52	M	W	S	13-Mar	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Typhoid Fever			North Hampton
ROBINSON, Catherine	71	F	W	W	2-Jun	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
ROBINSON, Infant	4 days	M	B	S	9-Jan	NY		-		Not Known			Johnstown
RUMLAND, S. E.		63	F	W	M	15-Aug	Scoharrie Co.	-		Cholera Morgus			North Hampton
RUPERT, Elizabeth	92	F	W	W	11-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation of Lungs		Johnstown
RUPPERT, Peter		64	M	W	M	13-Mar	Fulton Co.	Shoemaker	Small Pox			Johnstown
RYAN, Harriet I.	1 1/2	F 	-	S	10-Sep	NY		-		Croup				Broadalbin
SANT, Lucinda		14	F	-	S	29-Jun	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			Ephratah
SAWYER, James H.	1 11/12	M	-	S	10-Sep	NY		-		Cutting Teeth			Broadalbin
SCOTT, Hiram		63	M	W	W	12-Dec	Vermont		Farmer		Chronic Diarrhea		North Hampton
SCRIBNER, E. A.		30	F	W	S	19-Apr	Saratoga Co.	Milliner	Fever				North Hampton
SEALY, Stephen J.	73	M		M	29-Jun	Conn.		-		Gravel				Stratford
SEAMAN, Hannah		77	F	W	W	3-Jun	Rhode Island	-		Liver Disease			Johnstown
SETTLE, Andrew		71	M	W	M	1-Apr	Fulton Co.	Butcher		Apoploxy			Johnstown
SETTLE, William		67	M	W	W	8-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Found Dead in Bed		Johnstown
SHAFFER, William E.	6	M	W	-	3-Sep	NY		-		R. R. Accident			Oppenheim
SHARPE, Eugene		1 3/12	M	W	S	27-Apr	NY		-		Inflamation in Bowels and Lungs	Johnstown
SHERMAN, Emma		7	F	-	S	7-Jan	NY		-		Diptharia			Broadalbin
SHIPPER, Jay		35	M	W	M	23-Feb	Fulton Co.	Express Man	Consumption			North Hampton
SHOOK, George		9	M		S	24-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Dyptheria			Stratford
SHULTZ, Henry		42	M	W	M	15-Dec	NY		Farmer		Not Known			Johnstown
SLOCUM, Celeb W.	67	M	W	M	14-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Palsy				North Hampton
SLOCUM, L.		69	F	W	M	16-Dec	Saratoga Co.	-		Old Age				North Hampton
SMITH, J. A.		63	F	W	M	27-Apr	England		-		General Disability		North Hampton
SMITH, Lucian D.	11 8/12	M		S	15-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Dyptheria			Stratford
SMITH, Martha A.	26	F	W	M	26-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			Johnstown
SNELL, John		21	M	-	S	6-Sep	Fulton Co.	Laborer		Cancer				Ephratah
SOWLE, Allen		65	M	W	W	18-Jan	NY		Farmer		Infloration of Bladder		Perth
SPALDING, J. A.		25	F	W	S	22-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption			North Hampton
STANLEY, Horace		75	M	W	W	24-Dec	Conn.		-		Old Age				Johnstown
STARKES, Margaret	1 6/12	F	-	S	30-Jun	Fulton Co.	-		Lung Fever			Mayfield
STERNBURGH, Anna E.	9	F	-	S	13-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria			Ephratah
STERNS, Joseph M.	15	M 	W	S	30-Sep	NY		Farmer		Diptheria			Caroga
STEWART, Elizabeth	79	F	W	W	4-Dec	NY		-		Various diseases and old age	Johnstown
STOLLER, Elizabeth	14	F	W	S	3-Jun	NY		-		Consumption			Johnstown
STORMS, John		87	M	W	M	5-Aug	NY		Farmer		Camp distemper			Oppenheim
SWART, Jonas		1 11/12	M	-	S	25-May	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation in the Bowels	Mayfield
TERRILL, Lucinda	69	F	-	M	17-May	Fulton Co.	-		Dropsy and Inflimation on Lungs	Mayfield
THOMPSON, Michael	58	M	W	M	13-Feb	NY		Blacksmith	Softening of the Brain		Johnstown
THORNTON, H. A.		13	F	W	S	24-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever			North Hampton
THORNTON, L.		5	F	W	S	27-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever			North Hampton
THORNTON, M. J.		10	F	W	S	25-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever			North Hampton
TIMERMAN, Eri		1 7/12	M	-	S	5-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria & Croup		Oppenheim
TOMLINSON, Melissia	3 9/12	F	-	S	21-Sep	NY		Infant		Croup				Broadalbin
VAN SYCLER, Charles	6/12	M	W	S	30-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Brain Fever			Johnstown
VAN VLIET, Charles	4	M	W	S	26-Jun	NY		-		Scarlet Fever			Johnstown
VAN VOAST, Persis	81	F	W	W	18-May	NY		-		Old Age				Johnstown
VANENBURGH, Edith	67	F	-	M	25-Mar	Saratoga Co.	-		Black ____ from Liver Complaint	Mayfield
VROMAN, Carrie		1	F	W	S	7-Feb	NY		-		Diptheria and Croup		Johnstown
WARD, Cynthia		68	F	W	W	8-Mar	Conn.		-		Fever				Johnstown
WARNER, Amelia		64 ?	F	W	M	29-Apr	NY		-		Paralysis			Johnstown
WARNER, George F.	2/12	M	-	S	25-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Whopping Cough			Mayfield
WARNER, Rosannah	44	F	-	M	19-Nov	Jefferson Co.	-		Consumption			Mayfield
Wayne, Thomas		74	M	-	M	7-Feb	NY		Farmer		Gravel				Broadalbin
WELDON, Elizabeth	2	F	W	S	12-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation of the Bowels	Johnstown
WELLS, John		3 mos.		W	S	30-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Infit				Johnstown
WELLS, Leonard		78	M	-	W	2-Oct	Conn.		Farmer		Kidney Complaint		Mayfield
WELLS, Libbie		6	F	W	S	22-Jun	NY		-		Heart Disease			Johnstown
WEPELS, Nicholas	64	M	W	M	12-Dec	NY		Painter		Congestion of the Brain & Lungs	Johnstown
WHEELER, Rosetta	8/12	F	W	S	26-Dec	NY		-		Scarlet Fever			Johnstown
WHITE, Ann Mary		1 3/12	F	W	S	29-Nov	NY		-		Scarlet Fever			Johnstown
WHITE, Margaret		2 1/4	F	-	S	7-Jun	NY		-		Scalded to death		Broadalbin
WHITLOCK, Loraine	15	M	-	S	2-Aug	NY		Pupil		Deptheria			Broadalbin
WILLARD, J. A.		2	F	W	S	10-May	Fulton Co.	-		Unknown				North Hampton
WILLIAMS, F.		5 1/2	M	W	S	4-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		-				North Hampton
WILLIAMS, J. H.		14	M	W	S	28-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Spotted Fever			North Hampton
WINDOWS, Mary A.	71	F	W	M	4-Jun	England		-		Apoplexy			Johnstown
WOOD, Hulda		75	F		M	7-Feb	Conn.		-		Catareh ?			Stratford
WORMUTH, Margaret	72	F	W	W	9-Feb	-		-		Dropsy				Johnstown
YOSEE, John		46	M	-	M	13-May	Switzerland	Stone Cutter	Suicide by Shooting		Mayfield
ZIMMERMAN, Frank	9/12	M	W	-	3-Sep	NY		-		Diptheria			Oppenheim

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