Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

DEATHS - 1875 Federal Census, Mortality Schedule
Fulton County, New York

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Deaths occurring during the year ending June 1, 1875, excepting those of persons in the service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service.

Towns included in this Mortality Schedule: Bleecker, Broadalbin, Caroga, Ephratah, Gloversville, Johnstown (includes Gloversville), Mayfield, North Hampton, Oppenheim, Perth and Stratford.

Deceased		Age	Sex	Status	Date	Place of Death	Occupation	Cause of Death		Census Town
Adams, Jane		53	F	W	30-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Disease of Stomach	Johnstown
Allen, ____ina		74	F	M	9-May	NY		-		Dropsy			Gloversville
Allen, W. C.		56	M	M	19-Aug	NY		-		Heart Disease		Johnstown
Anibal, P.W.		15	M	S	15-Nov	NY		Grocery Sales.  Typhoid Fever		Gloversville
Argersinger, George A.	12  1/6 M	S	19-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Argersinger, Hannah	82	F	W	11-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Old Age			Johnstown
Arrowsmith, Henry W.	4  3/12	M	-	28-Aug	NY		-		Cholera Infantum	Johnstown
Atkinson, Ida		1 2/12	F	S	17-Sep	NY		-		Measels			Stratford
Austin, Johnathan	70	M	W	22-Mar	NY		-		Conjestion of Lungs	Broadalbin
Avery, Wm.		78	M	W	5-Apr	Fulton Co.	Scrapper	Old Age and Broken Leg	Caroga
Ayres, Alexander	72	M	M	7-Nov	NY		Retired Farmer	Ganghrene of the Bowels Gloversville
Baker, Alice		28	F	M	11-Mar	NY		-		Child Bed Fever		Johnstown
Baker, Georg C.		10	M	S	15-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Accidental		Northampton
Baker, Grant 		4	M	S	15-May	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Northampton
Ballow, Abner		63	M	M	3-Apr	Mass.		Farmer		General Disability	Caroga
Bank, Electa		63	F	M	16-May	NY		-		Dropsy and Consumption	Johnstown
Barker, Francina	1/12	F	S	2-Apr	NY		-		Unknown			Oppenheim
Beddingham, Clara	2 9/12	F	-	9-May	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Beddingham, Edward	2 wks	M	-	14-Jan	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Beecher, Hannah		85	F	W	29-May	Conn.		-		Infirmity of Age	Broadalbin
Beemis, Caroline	52	F	M	4-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Liver Complaint		Mayfield
Behlen, Charles W.	1  5/12	M	S	24-Jul	NY		-		Congestion of Brain	Mayfield
Belden, Norman		65	M	M	11-Aug	NY		Glove Manuf.	General Dibility	Johnstown
Bellinger, Jennie	4	F	S	5-Aug	NY		-		Diptheria		Ephratah
Bentley, Hecktor	5	M	S	31-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria		Broadalbin
Berry, Antoinette	27	F	M	4-Aug	NY		Keeping House	Child Birth		Mayfield
Berry, Emma		30 hrs.	F	S	25-Jun	NY		-		Spasms			Ephratah
Betts, Phebe		82	F	S	27-Jun	NY		-		Infirmity of Age	Broadalbin
Bippin, Eli		4/12	M	-	12-Sep	NY		-		Cholera Infantum	Johnstown
Birch, John W.		11	M	S	2-Feb	NY		-		Scarlet Fever & Dip.	Gloversville
Bishop, Lillie A.	1 1/2	F	S	9-Apr	NY		-		Dropsy of Brain		Mayfield
Blowers, Georg		4/12	M	S	7-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Burned			Northampton
Blowers, Henerettie	23	F	S	8-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Dropsy			Northampton
Bodie, Albert		1 2/12	M	-	18-Apr	NY		-		Spasms hereditary	Johnstown
Bradshaw, James		63	M	W	20-Jun	NY		Carpenter	Dropsy & heart disease	Johnstown
Branthorst, Viola	16	F	M	28-Apr	NY		-		Consumption		Oppenheim
Briggs, Almira		48	F	W	11-Dec	Montgomery Co.	-		Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Briggs, Almira		12	F	S	23-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Spinal Fever		Johnstown
Briggs, Hisler ?	77	F	W	17-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption		Johnstown
Briggs, Marvin D.	1  1/2 	M	S	29-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Spinal Fever		Johnstown
Brockett, Sally		90	F	W	6-May	Conn.		-		Infirmities of Age	Oppenheim
Brockway, Tiffie	3	M	S	4-May	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Gloversville
Brookins, Estella	2/12	F	W	30-Jan	NY		-		Inflamation of lungs	Johnstown
Brookins, Phebe Jane	7	F	S	5-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Caroga
Brower, Stoller		29	M	S	7-Sep	NY		Agent 		Consumption		Ephratah
Brown, Betsy		90	F	W	23-May	NY		House Keeping	Infirmities of Age	Oppenheim
Brown, Cora		8	F	S	24-Mar	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Brown, Era		1 10/12	M	S	18-May	NY		-		Scarlet Fever 		Mayfield
Brown, Gideon O.	71	M	M	17-Nov	NY		Farmer		Disease of heart	Northampton
Brown, Zabrilla		17	F	M	20-Dec	NY		Laborer		Consumption		Oppenheim
Brundige, Hattie	1	F	S	25-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Northampton
Burdick, Mariah		62	F	M	9-Jul	Schoharrie	House Keeping	Cancer of Stomach	Johnstown
Burk, Mary		63	F	S	9-Jun	NY		House Keeping	Cancer			Oppenheim
Burna ?, John		3	M	S	12-Feb	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Perth
Burr, Dexter		7/12	M	S	22-Jan	NY		-		Whooping Cough		Ephratah
Burr, G. W.		59	M	M 	14-Jan	NY		Printer		Consumption		Broadalbin
Bushann?, Minnie ?	1  1/2 	M	S	14-Apr	NY		-		Spasm			Perth
Campbel, Anna		69	F	W	17-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Nervous Prostration	Johnstown
Canfield, Truman S.	81	M	M	28-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Old age			Mayfield
Carnroose, Magdalen	73	F	M	15-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Tumor			Johnstown
Casler, George		79	M	M	16-May	NY		-		Infirmity of Age	Oppenheim
Casselman, James	6/12	M	S	15-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Bowels	Caroga
Casselman, Rhoda A.	2/12	F	S	25-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Congestion of Bowels	Johnstown
Chambers, William	76	M	W	26-Aug	NY		Doctor		Abses in Stomach	Broadalbin
Chango ?, Henry		64	M	W	2-Jan	Fulton Co.	Shoemaker	Palsy			Johnstown
Chase, Isaac (son of A.)19	M	S	8-Oct	NY		-		Tyfoid Fever		Broadalbin
Cheadell, Stewart W.	73	M	S	2-Dec	NY		-		Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Christman, Henry	1/12	M	S	14-Apr	NY		-		Convulsions		Ephratah
Churchill, Harry E.	1/12	M	S	3-Aug	NY		-		Unknown			Gloversville
Churchill, Selina	19	F	S	21-Mar	NY		-		Hemorrahage		Johnstown
Claus, Hartty ? D.	8	M	S	13-Dec	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Claus, Luwella		10	F	S	13-Dec	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Cleavland ?, Mary H.	80	F	M	6-May	Fulton Co.	-		Old Age & General Deb.	Mayfield
Cleveland, D. C.	50	M	M	17-Aug	NY		Carpenter	Appoploxy 		Broadalbin
Coan, Catherine		40	M	-	28-Feb	NY		-		Cancer in Bowels	Johnstown
Codeyon ?, Mary Angeline42	F	M	6-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Cancer in Breast	Mayfield
Coe, Jessie		19	F	S	20-Jul	NY		-		Supposed Typhoid Fever	Gloversville
Cole, Marieh		78	F	W	29-Oct	R.I.		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
Connell, Elen		50	F	M	28-Jul	Ireland		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
Conry, Augustus		9/12	M	S	9-Dec	NY		-		Congestion of Lungs	Gloversville
Cook, Elizabeth		13	F	S	5-Nov	NY		-		Typhoid Fever		Oppenheim
Cook, Henry		29	M	M	13-M.	NY		Farmer		Dropsy			Northampton
Cook, Jessie		3/12	E	S	18-Sep	NY		-		Whooping cough		Northampton
Cook, Permelia		44	F	M	16-Oct	NY		-		Typhoid Fever		Oppenheim
Cool, Daniel J.		86	M	M	31-Jul	Saratoga Co.	-		Infirmity of Age	Oppenheim
Cool, Jacob		77	M	W	16-Aug	NY		-		Infirmity of Age	Oppenheim
Coolman, Etta		5/12	F	S	10-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		General Dibility	Johnstown
Coons, __allie		13	F	S	1-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Johnstown
Cosselman, Emma		9/12	F	S	4-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Coulten, Allice		-	F	Paup	25-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Old Age			Johnstown
Cramer, Elizabeth	86	F	M	17-Feb	NY		Keeping House	General Dropsy		Ephratah
Cramer, John D.		35	M	S	10-Jan	NY		-		Consumption		Oppenheim
Cri__, Nancy		77	F	W	25-Jul	NY		Keeping House	Old Age 		Ephratah
Cronkhite, Henry T.	-	M	Paup	25-Feb	Unknown		-		Old Age			Johnstown
Crop ?, Maggie		6	F	S	2-Apr	NY		-		Conjestion of Brain	Oppenheim
Cropman, N. R.		60	M	M	16-Oct	NY		Mill Wright	Canser			Stratford
Crouse, Catherine	63	F	M	15-May	NY		House Keeping	Dropsy			Oppenheim
Darteh, Emma		1/12	F	S	6-Feb	NY		-		Whopping Cough		Gloversville
Davis, John		64	M	M	22-Apr	Wales		Minister	___ of Kidnies		Johnstown
Davis, Margaret		36	F	M	25-Jul	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Davis, Mary E.		33	F	M	20-Jun	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Decker, Almida		11	F	S	23-Sep	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Deigney, Eliza		26	F	M	10-May	Ireland		Keeping House	Confinement		Gloversville
Delong, Mary ?		6/12	F	S	20-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Heart Desease		Johnstown
Dempster, Lydia		74	F	W	5-Mar	NY		Keeping House	Congestion of the Lungs	Ephratah
Denure, Moris		2  5/12	M	S	Feb-29	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Devoe, Roscoe		14	M	S	14-Jan	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Dickinson, Leymon	34	M	S	4-Jan	NY		Clerk		Congestion of brain	Johnstown
Dietz, Elizabeth	21	F	M	5-Feb	Fulton Co.	Glove Maker	Consumption		Johnstown
Dingman, Anna		28	F	S	14-Jun	Ireland		Housework	Consumption		Stratford
Dodge, Jennie		15	F	S	28-Aug	NY		-		Congestion of the Lungs	Gloversville
Dornike ?, Jennett M.	-	-	-	16-Jan	NY		-		Baliomous ?		Oppenheim
Drew, Herbert		3/12	M	-	7-Mar	NY		-		Cold on Lungs		Johnstown
Duesler, Maria		14	F	S	26-Aug	NY		-		Dropsy			Ephratah
Duncan, Anna S.		86	F	W	8-Jan	Vermont		-		-			Northampton
Durey ?, Wesley ?	27	M	M	14-Jan	Fulton Co.	Teamster	Inflamation of L ____	Johnstown
Durfee, Jane		79	F	W	17-Aug	Scotland	Keeping House	Cancer 			Ephratah
Dusler, Joshua		45	M	S	15-Oct	NY		-		Inflamation of Bowels	Oppenheim
Earl, Debbie		26	F	M	13-Oct	NY		-		Heart Disease		Gloversville
Eaton, Benjamin		27	M	S	10-May	Fulton Co.	-		Erambilas ?		Johnstown
Edenbrack, Mary Ann	19	F	S	5-Dec	Fulton Co.	Glove Maker	Consumption		Johnstown
Edwards, Mariah		-	F	Paup	5-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Lungs	Johnstown
Elliot, John		-	M	Paup	24-Jan	Unknown		-		Unknown			Johnstown
Ercanbrack, Charles	1  6/12	M	S	7-Jul	NY		-		Conoulsioius ?		Ephratah
Ercanbrack, John S.	22	M	M	6-Feb	NY		Butcher		Congestion of the Lungs	Ephratah
Erving ?, Herman	17	M	S	27-Oct	Fulton Co.	Shot Car Cond.	Killed on Rail Road	Johnstown
Eveans, Cynthia		45	F	M	21-Sep	NY		Keeping House	Intternthent? Of Fever	Gloversville
Farmer ?, Abraham W.	71	M	M	11-Dec	NY		Farmer		From Fracture of Thigh	Northampton
Faurbanks, Alonso	19	M	S	19-Jan	NY		Laborer		Measels			Perth
Fe_sted, Hariet		18	F	S	9-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Fever			Mayfield
Ferris, Anna A.		1 1/12	F	S	19-Jul	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
Fidoe, Arthur		1 6/12	M	-	29-Nov	NY		-		Congestion of lungs	Johnstown
Fish, Hattie		74	F	W	26-Apr	Washington Co.	-		Old Age			Northampton
Flander, Eva		74	F	S	6-Nov	NY		-		Consumption		Oppenheim
Fleet ?, William	21	M	S	11-Dec	NY State	Laborer		Consumption		Johnstown
Fondy, Emily		36	F	M	27-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Mayfield
Foote, Angelica		76	F	W	23-Apr	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Fort, Isaac		84	M	W	14-Aug	NY		Farmer		Paralysis		Mayfield
Fox, Mortimer		58	M	S	10-Mar	NY		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
Fraser, Luasm ?		55	F	M	5-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		-			Johnstown
Fratz, John C.		73	M	M	6-Apr	Germany		Laborer		Tumor			Johnstown
French, Nathaniel C.	54	M	M	23-Sep	NY		Retired Farmer	Dysentery		Johnstown
Fry, Netty		8	F	S	25-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Fuller, Nellie		1 8/12	F	-	23-Feb	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Gardner., Eliza C.	28	F	S	9-Jul	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Genge, Anna C.		11/12	F	S	19-May	NY		-		Congestion of lungs	Northampton
Genge, Lanesie M.	2 10/12	F	S	28-Dec	NY		-		Scarlet fever		Northampton
Getman, George C.	7/12	M	S	24-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation of Lung	Oppenheim
Getman, Nellie		2/12	F	S	8-Apr	NY		-		Convoulsions		Ephratah
Giffird ?, Anna		2 4/12 	F	S	17-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Giffird, Cary ? E.	9/12	F	S	30-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Giffird, Florence E.	4	F	S	24-May	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria on Lungs	Mayfield
Gifford, John J.	89	M	W	13-Oct	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Old Age			Northampton
Gilbert, Arevath	77	F	W	11-Feb	Conn.		-		Peralasis		Northampton
Gleason, Patrick	68	M	M	2-Mar	England		Farmer		Congestion of the Lungs	Stratford
Grant, Margaret		72	F	S	1-Jun	Fulton Co.	-		Plursey			Johnstown
Grebe, Georgie		8	M	S	16-May	NY		-		Diphtheria		Johnstown
Guston, _rnest ?	5/12	M	S	16-Aug	NY		-		Inflamation		Johnstown
Guston, William L.	1	M	S	21-Nov	NY		-		Inflamation		Johnstown
H__nboon?, Seth F.	87	M	W	26-Mar	Maine		Farmer		Confirmation of Old Age	Northampton
Haag, Chris		5	M	S	19-Dec	NY		-		Diptheria		Gloversville
Haag, Jacob		2 1/2 	M	S	19-Dec	NY		-		Diptheria		Gloversville
Hadcock, Jacob		71	M	W	11-May	NY		Farmer		Inflamation of Stomach	Stratford
Haggart, Amanda		31	F	S	7-Feb	NY		Glove Maker	Inflamation of Bowels	Gloversville
Harris, Mary		68	F	W	20-Dec	England		Keeping House	Infirmition of Age	Gloversville
Hart, Dora		2	F	S	24-May	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Perth
Hart, Nath.		64	M	W	9-Aug	NY		-		run over by wagon	Gloversville
Hatmaker, Joseph	75	M	W	29-May	NY		Grocery ____	Congestion of the Lungs	Gloversville
Haw , William		10	M	S	10-Apr	NY		-		Scrofula		Broadalbin
Hawkins, Joanna	(black)	22	M	S	20-Sep	NY		-		Typhoid Fever		Johnstown
Hays, Carrie A.		7	F	S	29-Aug	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Hays, Isaac		42	M	M	7-Jul	NY		Farmer		Gravel			Oppenheim
Henry, James H.		47	M	M	20-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption		Johnstown
Herrby ?, George S.	20	M	S	6-Dec	Fulton Co.	Printer		Fever			Johnstown
Hickox, Miriam		5/12	F	S	10-Aug	NY		-		Infantile Atrophy	Gloversville
Hillebrandt, Mary	20	F	S	18-Aug	NY		-		Typhoid Fever		Johnstown
Hiltz, Loretta		27	F	M	10-May	NY		-		Typhoid Fever 		Johnstown
Hinkly, Eva		3/12	F	S	10-Sep	NY		-		Cholry Phantom		Northampton
Hollenbeck, Flora	7/12	F	S	9-Mar	NY		-		Eryerpelas ?		Perth
Hough, Charles		14	M	S	20-Oct	Montgomery Co.	Farmer		Subject to Fits		Johnstown
Houseman, Johney	2	M	S	25-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Northampton
Hoyt, Addie		31	M	S	17-Jul	NY		-		Consumption		Johnstown
Hull, Chas. A.		4/12	M	S	21-Feb	NY		-		Convulsion Fits		Gloversville
Hunt, Josiah		63	M	M	16-Jan	NY		Shoemaker	Dropsey			Broadalbin
Hurd, Samuel		83	M	W	28-May	Saratoga Co.	Lumberman	Old Age			Caroga
Husted, Samuel		76	M	M	27-Nov	NY		Miller		Dropsdery ?		Broadalbin
James, Louisa		19	F	S	20-Feb	England		-		Inflamation of Bowels	Broadalbin
Janey, Eliza		32	F	M	15-Feb	NY		-		Consumption		Johnstown
Jennings, Barbara	68	F	W	1-Dec	NY		Keeping House	Congestion of the Lungs	Ephratah
Jewell, Dorcas		83	F	W	18-Mar	NY		-		Old Age			Johnstown
Johnson, Elizabeth	34	F	W	30-May	Ireland		Seamstress	Consumption		Gloversville
Johnson, Robert		30	M	M	5-Apr	Ireland		Farmer		Consumption 		Mayfield
Kelley, Archabal	4	M	S	Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Spinal			Johnstown
Kelly, James		82	M	S	24-May	NY		Farm Laborer	Old Age			Ephratah
Kennedy, David		11 days	M	S	22-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Bowels	Johnstown
Kennedy, James		81	M	M	7-Feb	NY		Farmer		Old Age			Perth
Kenney, Phebe		66	F	M 	9-Oct	NY		Housekeeper	Ovarian Tumor		Mayfield
Knapp, Legrand C.	18	-	S	23-Apr	NY		Farm Laborer	Typhoid Fever		Stratford
Labor, James		34	M	M	21-Dec	NY		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
Lake, Sarah		69	F	S	27-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Heart Disease		Johnstown
Lamont, James		5  1/12	M	S	31-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Mayfield
Lasher, James		75	M	W	23-Mar	NY		-		Palsey and Old Age	Broadalbin
Lasher, Nellie		1 9/12	F	S	15-Nov	NY		-		Diptheria		Broadalbin
Lawlor, Thomas		22	M	M	30-Dec	NY		Brakeman	Run over by cars	Johnstown
Leavitt, Marvin J.	10/12	M	-	16-May	NY		-		Inflammation of Lungs	Johnstown
Legrange, Almira	57	F	M	26-May	Fulton Co.	-		Conjestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Lepper, Nellie		3  1/12	F	-	3-Apr	NY		-		Abcess on Lungs		Johnstown
Little, Nathaniel N.	63	M	M	28-May	New Hampshire	Mason		Typhoid Fever		Oppenheim
Looper, Marrion		11/12	F	S	17-Mar	Fulton Co. 	-		Conjestion of Lungs	Broadalbin
Lord, Mary E.		29	F	M	11-Mar	NY		-		Consumption		Gloversville
Loucks, James		11/12	M	S	3-May	NY		-		Croup			Ephratah
Lrinth, Fred		6/12	M	S	6-Aug	NY		-		Infantile Colic		Johnstown
Madison, Roy		50	M	M	15-Feb	NY		Farmer		Brights disease		Johnstown
Major, Jane		83	D	W	28-Jan	NY		-		Darlocation of femur ?	Perth
Maloy, Edward		28	M	M	24-Dec	Fulton Co.	File Marker	Disease of Brian	Johnstown
Mansfield, Eva		4/12	F	S	26-Dec	NY		-		Collera Infantom	Stratford
Marker, John		4	M	S	6-May	NY		-		Erysipelus ?		Mayfield
Martin, Margaret	1/12	F	S	4-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Congestion on the Brain	Northampton
Mc Farlan, Dorcas	57	F	W	26-May	NY		-		Paralysis		Johnstown
Mc Neil, Mary		75	F	W	3-Apr	NY		-		Apoplexy		Johnstown
McCuen, Joseph		1 1/3 	M	S	9-May	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Lungs	Northampton
McDermit, William	5	M	S	27-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
McDonald, Leo		1	F	S	1-Sep	NY		-		Unknown			Gloversville
McFarland, Anna		17	F	S	14-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
McFarland, Archae?	2  2/3 	F	S	15-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Croup & Diptheria	Mayfield
McGuire, Frank		2	M	S	7-Jul	NY		-		Scarlitine		Gloversville
McLane, James C.	2 5/12	M	S	4-Aug	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
McLaughlin, James	-	M	Paup	27-Mar	Ireland		-		-			Johnstown
McLean?, John D.	78	M	W	8-May	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Old Age			Johnstown
McPherson, Clarissa	19	F	M	17-Jun	NY		-		Neurelgia		Johnstown
Merchant, Jane		75	F	M	7-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption		Mayfield
M'Ewen, Magaret		47	F	S	24-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Fever			Johnstown
Millard, Rosa		4	F	S	26-Aug	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
Miller, Arthur		2/12	M	S	1-Nov	NY		-		Congestion on the Lungs	Gloversville
Miller, Clyde		3	M	S	20-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Brain	Johnstown
Miller, Cora		4	F	S	13-Jul	NY		-		Scarlet fever		Johnstown
Miller, David		2	M	S	15-Jul	NY		-		Scarlet fever		Johnstown
Miller, Laura		3  1/2 	F	S	1-May	NY		-		Congestion on the Brain	Gloversville
Miller, Lena		2	F	S	5-Feb	NY		-		Inflamation of Lungs	Broadalbin
Miller, Sarah Rush	26	F	S	5-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		General Dibility	Johnstown
Miller, William		12	M	S	Aug __	Newborn, N.C.	-		Spotted Fever		Johnstown
Miller, William		6	M	S	30-Apr	NY		-		Dipith			Ephratah
Mills, Andalusia	52	F	M	10-Apr	NY		Keeping House	Nervous Prostration	Gloversville
Moats, ______		4	F	S	Jan? 29	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Moats, Elmer E.		10	M	S	25-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Moore, Anna M.		30	F	M	25-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption		Johnstown
Moore, Dorthy		82	F	W	17-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Palsy			Johnstown
Morgan, Anna		2/12	F	S	22-Sep	NY		-		Disentary		Broadalbin
Morgan, William		23	M	S	13-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Johnstown
Morse, Alta		2 4/12	F	-	10-May	NY		-		Congestion of lungs	Johnstown
Morse, Gracie		1 5/12	F	-	8-May	NY		-		Brain fever		Johnstown
Mosher, Charles		21	M	S	7-Dec	NY		-		Consumption		Oppenheim
Mosher, Delphena	18	F	S	21-Sep	NY		Laborer		Inflamation of Bowels	Oppenheim
Mosher, Delphine	21	F	S	20-Apr	NY		Laborer		Measels			Oppenheim
Mosher, Roxey E.	17	F	S	2-Jan	NY		Housework	Consumption		Stratford
Mussey, Ella		19	M	S	27-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Caroga
Neil ?, William A.	33	M	M	14-Feb	England		Glovecutter	Inflamatory Rhumatism	Johnstown
Nellis, Burton		24	M	M	28-Dec	NY		Farmer		Consumption		Oppenheim
Newkirk, Nelson		1	M	-	5-Aug	NY		-		Cholera Infantion	Johnstown
Newton, George J.	48	M	M	5-May	Mass		Physician	Paralysis		Johnstown
Nichloy, Edwin		10	M	S	28-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Explosion Kerosene Can	Johnstown
O Connor, Michael	3 1/12	M	S	21-Mar	NY		-		Scarlet Fever 		Gloversville
Palmater, Michael	56	M	M	28-Mar	Fulton Co.	-		Feaver			Johnstown
Parish, George		4/12	M	S	17-Dec	NY		-		Inflamation of Lungs	Johnstown
Parmore, George		6/12	M	S	20-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		-			Johnstown
Paul, Eliza		4/12	F	S	1-Sep	NY		-		Cholera Inf.		Broadalbin
Peckham, Benedick	78	M	W	22-Apr	R.I.		Pedler		Old Age 		Caroga
Peckham, Levi		48	M	M	9-Sep	Fulton Co.	Pat. Medicene	Appoptetic Fit		Caroga
Perry, Russell		64	M	M	9-Feb	NY		Farmer		Cancer in breast	Johnstown
Peterson, Miner		-	-	Paup	25-Feb	Unknown		-		Consumption		Johnstown
Philips, Ida E.		12 3/4 	F	S	27-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Philips, Laura J.	18 5/6 	F	S	30-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Philips, Lewis W.	14 3/4 	M	S	30-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Philips, Walter L.	2 1/2 	M	S	17-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Croup			Mayfield
Phillips, William	42	M	M	24-Dec	NY		Farm Laborer	effects of alcohol	Ephratah
Pierce, Eddie		4 1/2	M	S	20-Feb	NY		-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Pierce, Elsie		9	F	S	28-Feb	NY		-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Pierce, W. H.		1/12	M	-	28-Jan	NY		-		Premature Birth		Johnstown
Platt, Minnie		3 1/4	F	S	27-May	NY		-		Drowned in Mill Dam	Oppenheim
Post, Catherine 	68	F	M	14-Apr	NY		House Keeper	Dropsy			Oppenheim
Potter, Susan		73	F	M	29-Oct	Saratoga Co.	-		Kidney Complaint	Broadalbin
Prame ?, Sarah F.	1 2/12	F	S	16-Jan	NY		-		Dropsy on the Brain	Stratford
Putman, Lafyett		9	M	S	10-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Inflamation of Bowels	Johnstown
Putman, Susan Edwards	24	F	M	26-Jun	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Quackenbush, Nettie	13	F	S	2-Feb	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Redshaw, S.		46	M	M	15-Aug	England		Gardner		Consumption		Gloversville
Remington, Fredie ?	1	M	S	___ 30	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
Rice, Ebenezer		73	M	M	22-May	NY		Farmer		Erysipelas		Johnstown
Richards, Giles W.	24	M	S	5-Sep	NY		Farmer		Killed by runaway horse	Johnstown
Richardson, Frank	8	M	-	27-Mar	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Richardson, Gertrude A.	43	F	W	8-Jul	NY		Housekeeper	Disease of Heart	Mayfield
Richardson, Hattie	5	F	-	3-Apr	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Rider, Adde May		3/12	F	S	10-May	NY		-		Conjestion of Lungs	Broadalbin
Rivenburgh, Caroline	-	F	Paup	5-Mar	Unknown		-		Child Birth		Johnstown
Robbins, Lydia		83	F	W	2-Jun	NY		-		Old age			Johnstown
Robinson, Edwin		2 1/2	M	S	3-Mar	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Robinson, John		5	M	S	1-Mar	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Robison, Eligus P.	68	M	M	4-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Plura Nemonia		Mayfield
Roger, C. D.		31	M	M	22-Oct	NY		Book keeper	Slow fever & Asthma	Johnstown
Rogers, David		10	M	S	28-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Spinal Fever		Johnstown
Ross, Homer		70	M	M	5-Feb	NY		Farmer		Heart Disease		Caroga
Rubeck, Lucy M.		2 3/12	F	S	6-Apr	NY		-		Fits 			Broadalbin
Rumley, Anne R.		8	F	S	4-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Fever			Johnstown
Ruse ?, Charles		8/12	M	S	7-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Cholary Infan.		Johnstown
Saulsbury, Jurusha	55	F	M	1-Apr	NY		Keeping House	Aploplexy		Gloversville
Saxton, Rebecca		74	F	W	16-Mar	NY		-		Paralysis		Johnstown
Schoenfelt, Jennie	9/12	F	S	17-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Johnstown
Seeley, Jesse		-	M	Paup	4-Jan	Unknown		-		Old Age			Johnstown
Shaffer, Elizza		72	F	W	2-Apr	NY		House Keeping	Consumption		Oppenheim
Shank, John 		2	M	S	3-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Fits			Johnstown
Shattock, Caroline	19	F	S	26-Apr	NY		-		Measles			Broadalbin
Shaud ?, Anna E.	10	F	S	8-Aug	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
Shephard, Charles	1 11/12	M	-	6-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Shephard, Ellen		7	F	S	7-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Shibley, Elizabeth	42	F	M	22-Jan	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Shinfelt, William	48	M	M	16-May	Germany		Laborer		Consumption 		Mayfield
Shipman, G.A.		11	M	S	15-May	NY		-		Heart Disease		Broadalbin
Shulenbury, Emma	7	F	S	10-Sep	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Shulenbury, Margaret	3	F	S	6-Nov	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Shults, Geo.		8	M	S	10-Nov	NY		-		Inflamation of Bowels	Gloversville
Shults, Mariah		84	F	M	22-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Paralesis		Johnstown
Simpson, Helen		86	F	W	5-Feb	Scotland	-		Appoplexy		Broadalbin
Sism ?, Albert		45	M	M	25-May	Fulton Co.	Glove Maker	Asma			Johnstown
Skiff, Chauncy		1 9/12	M	-	22-Oct	NY		-		Consumption		Johnstown
Slater, Duncan		7	M	S	12-Nov	NY		-		Diptheria		Gloversville
Slater, Warren		9	M	S	18-Nov	NY		-		Diptheria		Gloversville
Slauson, Dennis		63	M	M	11-Sep	NY		-		Dysentary		Oppenheim
Smith, Catherine	41	F	M	8-Feb	NY		Keeping House	Hepatitis		Ephratah
Smith, Chas.		34	M	M	9-Oct	NY		Glove Man.	Heart Disease		Gloversville
Smith, Emma		2	F	S	10-Nov	NY		-		Dysentery		Gloversville
Smith, Hez		46	M	W	17-Dec	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Congestion of Lungs	Bleecker
Smith, Infant		12 days	M	S	16-Feb	NY		-		Unknown			Oppenheim
Smith, John G.		91	M	W	20-Feb	NY		Farmer		Dropsy			Perth
Snell, Elzina		13	F	S	31-Jul	NY		Laborer		Dropsy			Oppenheim
Snell, Peter		84	M	W	1-Mar	NY		Farmer		Old Age			Ephratah
Snyder, Andrew M.	5	M	S	29-May	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Northampton
Snyder, Myron		22	M	S	15-May	NY		-		Spinal Disease		Johnstown
Sponable, Henry		60	M	M	12-Mar	NY		Farmer		Suicide by Hanging	Ephratah
Sponable, Lester	2  1/4 	F	S	9-Jul	NY		-		Conoulsious ?		Ephratah
Stairs, John		69	M	M	6-Jun	NY		-		Dropsy			Perth
Stall, James A.		2 1/2	M	S	16-Apr	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Stalup, Henry		85	M	M	6-Sep	Fulton Co.	Farmer		General Dibility	Johnstown
Starrzs, Patrick	32	M	S	26-Nov	Ireland		Farm Labor	Consumption		Ephratah
Steenburgh, Mary M.	30	F	M	4-Jun	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Steenburgh, Wm.		3 1/2 	M	S	8-Jul	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Gloversville
Stewart, Chrostoe	75	F	S	17-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Stewart, Edward		1 2/12	M	S	19-Feb	NY		-		Pneumonia		Ephratah
Stewart, Isalla		69	F	M	7-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Still, Celia		14	F	S	30-May	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Still, Harriet		40	F	M	20-Aug	NY		Keeping House	Consumption		Ephratah
Stock, Jacob		63	M	M	15-Nov	Jermany		Farmer		Heart Disease		Caroga
Stodard, Charley	3 8/12	M	S	22-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Fits			Broadalbin
Streeter, Maria		45	F	M	29-Jan	NY		-		Heart Disease		Johnstown
Sweet, John K.		48	M	M	8-Sep	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Liver Complaint		Northampton
Swet, Gervsia		57	F	M	15-Sep	Fulton Co.	Housekeeper	Appoplexy		Northampton
Taylor, Irene		-	F	Pau	18-Feb	Unknown		-		Unknown			Johnstown
Thompson, Ann		84	F	M 	3-Jun	NY		-		Infirmity of Age	Broadalbin
Thompson, Hannah	76	F	W	7-May	NY		-		Disease of Liver	Mayfield
Thompson, Lorenzo	23	M	S	7-Apr	NY		College Student	Brain Fever		Mayfield
Traver ?, Lorin ?	4/12	M	S	29-Jan	NY		-		Inflamation of Lungs	Oppenheim
Travis, Phebe		54	F	M	9-Sep	Fulton Co.	Housekeeper	Tumor Cancer		Northampton
Trumbell, Effie		1/12	F	S	29-Sep	NY		-		Cold in Lungs		Gloversville
Tyrrell, William	9/12	M	S	18-Aug	NY		-		Cholera Infantum	Johnstown
Vail, Hattie		3 4/12	F	S	14-Jul	Fulton Co.	-		Drowned			Mayfield
VanAllen, Anna		82	F	W	5-Aug	NY		None		Consumption		Mayfield
Vanarman, A.H.		67	M	M	15-Aug	Fulton Co.	Farmer		Congestion on the Lungs	Northampton
VanAuken, Nancy		22	F	M	27-Feb	NY		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
VanAuker, Sarah E.	29	F	M 	16-Jun	NY		-		Inflammation of Bowels	Johnstown
VanAynn, Nancy		20	F	M	27-Feb	NY		Glovemaker	Consumption		Gloversville
VanBuren, Harmon 	13	M	S	21-Feb	Fulton Co.	-		Scarlet Fever		Broadalbin
VanBuren, Janean	43	F	M	3-Nov	Fulton Co.	-		Tumor in Bowels		Mayfield
VanDusen, Martha	-	F	Paup	16-Mar	Unknown		-		Unknown			Johnstown
VanKleck, John 		24	M	S	29-Oct	Saratoga Co.	-		Typhoid Fever		Northampton
VanSickle, Anna		1 1/4 	F	S	24-Oct	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Johnstown
VanSlyke, Ada		7/12	F	S	4-Sep	NY		-		Unknown			Gloversville
VanVranekin, John B.	40	M	M 	15-Mar	NY		Cabinet Maker	Consumption and Dropsey	Broadalbin
VanVranken, Charles	7	M	S	18-May	NY		-		Diptheria		Johnstown
Veghte, Ida May		3 mos.	F	S	24-Aug	NY		-		Spasms			Ephratah
Vila, Cynthia		2 8/12	F	S	4-Jan	NY		-		Jaundice		Broadalbin
Vosburgh, Betsy		82	F	S	25-Jan	NY		-		Old Age			Perth
Walker, Charles 	8/12	M	S	19-Mar	NY		-		Inflamation of Lungs	Broadalbin
Walker, Simon G.	78	M	M	15-Oct	Saratoga Co.	Farmer		Congestive Fever	Northampton
Walrath, Alace A.	1  7/12	D	S	12-Feb	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Ward, Abelena		6/12	F	S	13-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Washburn, William	54	M	M	28-Oct	Hamilton Co.	County Sherin 	Congestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Weaver, George A.	19	M	S	26-Nov	NY		Farm Laborer	Typhoid Fever		Stratford
Weaver, Helenia		2	F	S	18-Feb	NY		-		Croup			Oppenheim
Weber, Verner		5/12	M	S	31-Jul	NY		-		Cholera Infantum	Johnstown
Welch, Mary		2	F	S	22-Jan	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Johnstown
West, Anna		22	F	M	6-Apr	Fulton Co.	-		Consumption		Mayfield
West, Catherine		82	F	W	15-Jan	Fulton Co.	-		-			Johnstown
West, John C.		82	M	M	4-Dec	Fulton Co.	-		Conjestion of Lungs	Johnstown
Westervelt, Lana	80	F	S	24-Apr	NY		-		Infirmity of Age	Broadalbin
White, Jas.		2/12	M	S	22-Oct	NY		-		Inflamation of Brain	Gloversville
Whitlock, James L.	68	M	W	18-Aug	NY		-		Consumption		Broadalbin
Whitney, Herbert	3 4/12	M	-	13-Feb	NY		-		Scarlet fever		Johnstown
Wilkins, Hannah M.	52	F	M	28-Jun	NY		Housekeeper	Consumption		Mayfield
Wilkins, James N.	51	M	M	14-Mar	NY		Dealer Patents	Consumption		Mayfield
Wood, Anna		10	F	S	5-Jun	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
Wood, Gra M.		2	-	S	21-Jun	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Stratford
Woodrick, Lina R.	15	F	S	2-Oct	NY		Glove Maker	Typhoid Fever		Gloversville
Woodward, Elisha	75	M	M 	15-Jan	NY		Teacher		Dropsy			Johnstown
Worden, ______ V.	79	M	W	5-Mar	Mass.		-		Infirmition of Age	Gloversville
Yager, Charles		21	M	M	12-Aug	Fulton Co.	-		Diptheria		Mayfield
Yager, George		11/12	M	S	8-Sep	Fulton Co.	-		Croup 			Mayfield
Yates, John B.		6	M	S	17-Jan	NY		-		Diptheria		Gloversville
Youker, Charles		8/12	M	S	29-May	NY		-		Whopping Cough		Oppenheim
Youker, Willie		3	M	S	16-Sep	NY		-		Scarlet Fever		Oppenheim
Young, Barbara		70	F	M	14-Mar	NY		-		Apoplexy		Johnstown
Young, John		74	M	M	13-Mar	NY		Retired farmer	Disease of kidneys	Johnstown
Young, Stella		4/12	F	S	29-Apr	NY		-		Inflamation of Bowells	Gloversville
Youngs, Adelbert	1 11/12	M	-	10-Jul	NY		-		Brain Fever 		Johnstown

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