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Benton County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Benton County Arkansas who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Armstrong, Kitty Ann37FVAMayChildbirth
Baywood, James38MTNDec.-
Coplett, Arthur1MARNov.Scarlet
Dehaven, Isaac19MINMayHorse
Dehaven, Mary E.2FMOAug.Cholera
Duff, Jonathan50MVAAug.Congestive fever
Ellis, Martha50FTNJuneFever
Famer, Ambrose C.2MARAug.Flux
Hardwick, Joseph T.38MGAApr.Killed
Hastings, Martha20FTNJuneInflamation Brain
Lossin, John41MTNAug.Flux
Mc Causlin, William T.11mMARAug.Unknown
Reed, Nancy2FARAug.Chicken Pox
Seagan, Jackson2MMOAug.Cholera
Thomas, Washington11mMARSept.-