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Cross County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1870

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Name of inhabitants of Cross County Arkansas who died between June 1869 and year ending the 1st of. June 1870, as listed in the 1870 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Allen, E. O.1MARSept.Fever
Anderson, A.10MAROct.Dropsy
Bess, M. R.57FTNMar.Dropsy
Bowers, W. P.22MARAug.Measles
Brown, A.52FNCMar.Cancer
Byram, W. A.47MTNJan.Pneumonia
Clark, C. S.19MARDec.Measles
Cobb, S. M.40FTNMayChild birth
Cook, W.50MVAJuneFever
Crouch, M.14FMSJulyInflamation of brain
De Board, John52MNCDec.Pneumonia
Dillard, G. F.19MTNSept.Typhoid fever
Dillard, P.54MNCApr.Measles
Dodson, L.16FTNJulyFever
Hamilton, A.6MARJulyInflamation of Bowels
Jones, M. E.19FTNJan.Pneumonia
Maggett, S.94MNCMar.Cholera
Mc Alister, B.40FALApr.Inflamation of brain
Mc Elroy, H.1MARSept.Whooping cough
North, Mary W.54FTNMar.Pneumonia
Prince, Vann7MARNov.Pneumonia
Roberts, J. P.45MALMar.Pneumonia
Taylor, John28MALJulyHemorage
Van Patern, L.13FAROct.Bowel Disentry
Warren, J. W.48MNCSept.Apoplexy
Warren, L. L.14FARMar.Fever
White, E.25FTNJulyHemorage
Wiggley, L.7FARSept.Lightening