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Dallas County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Dallas County Arkansas who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Bass, Fanny A.11FTNJulyCongestive
Booker, Margaret34FNCNov.Liver complaint
Brewer, Robert Z.4mMARAug.Fever
Brown, Clary W.9mFAROct.Whooping cough
Brown, Martha J.13FMOSept.Congestive fever
Bryant, William J.1mMARJan.Hives
Chamberlain, William60MSCMayFever
Cobb, John R.30MVAJulyFever
Elison, Mary6FTNOct.Fever
Green, Sarah E.19FSCMayConsumption
Green, William1mMARNov.Hives
Harville, Amelia J.12FALApr.C. B. Fever
Hastings, Nancy3FTNOct.Fever
Higginbothen, Martha J.3FAROct.Typhoid fever
Humphreys, Mary65FNCMar.Liver complaint
Lacky, Ione D.2mMARFeb.Fever
Lacky, Terissa42FKYJan.Cholera
Lang, Mira M.23FTNSept.-
Lang, Robert3MALAug.Worms
Logan, Sarah36FVAFeb.Pheumonia
Lorance, Susan6FTNNov.Fever
Mathas, M. P.38MVAApr.Colera
Mc Coy, William W.3MARApr.Inflamation of brain
Nallet, Virginia J.1FARAug.Rheumatism
Nix, Harriet C.21FGAOct.Billious fever
Nix, Sarah J.15FGAAug.Billious fever
Nix, William A.9MGAAug.Billious fever
Rogers, Sampson W.4MMOOct.Worms
Rowland, Elizabeth F.4mFARApr.Hives
Russell, Mary40FGAApr.Consumption
Saunders, Mary H.45FVAApr.?
Scott, Franklin L.1MAROct.Congestion
Smith, Samuel R.11MKYDec.Cholera
Stroud, Samuel G.19MARMayUnknown
Waitt, Andrew6MARAug.Congestive fever
Williams, Josephus2MTNJulyFever
Yates, Isaac2MALMar.Inflamation of bowels
Yergan, Mary7FTNDec.Fitts