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"Death Records extracted from Federal and State Census Record Mortality Schedules"

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Amite County Mississippi Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Amite County Mississippi who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 federal census records.

NameSexAgeBirth PlaceMonthCause of Death
Andrews, Mary A.F4mMSDec.Croup
Andrews, William Y.M3MSMar.Drowned
Butler, ElmiraF2MSDec.Unknown
Butler, Frances E.F24MSSept.Typhoid
Cook, Lucy A.F24MSJulyUnknown
Furguson, M. A.F1mMSJulyHives
Hugrie, WilliamM17MSJulyCongestion
Marsalis, Mary J.F9MSOct.Typhoid
Marsalis, Sarah E.F4MSMayPneumonia
McGehee, SamuelM2MSAug.Whooping Cough
Page, WilliamM9MSApr.Heart
Pool, T. J.M22LADec.Brain
Shilling, MarthaF44BADec.Inflamation
Weathersby, HarrietF50MSApr.Typhoid
Westbrook, SamuelM4mMSApr.Cold
Whittington, EmalineF2msApr.Fever