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"Death Records extracted from Federal and State Census Record Mortality Schedules"

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Curry County Oregon Mortality Schedules, 1880

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Name of inhabitants of Curry County Oregon who died between June 1879 and year ending the 1st of. June 1880, as listed in the 1880 Oregon federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonthCause of DeathOccupation
Bouvenhausen, Charles60MGRDec.FallFarm Laborer
Bowman, John W.72MNYNdgDebilityFarmer
Briggs, Martin40MPAJuneHeart DisentryMiner
Donnelly, Patrick W.33MVTApr.Heart DisentryFarmer
Evans, Jerome54MNYNov.Lung DisentryCarpenter, Joiner
Figg, --FORMayAt Birth-
Hamlin, Nettie P.1FORMar.Diphtheria-
Johnson, Mary M.69FPAJuneParalysis-
Lowry, L.30FORMayCarbuncles-
Messer, George H.9MORMayDiphtheria-
Messer, Luenna18FMOMayLung Congestion-
Miller, -5mMORJan.--
Miller, Rhoda53FMONdgApoplexyHousekeeper
Neil, John50MNYNov.Bowel InflamationSailor, Navy Personnel
Nelson, A. M.14dFOROct.Debility-
Perkins, William M. B.3mMOROct.Cholera-
Schweers, George F.11MIAMayDiphtheria-
Scott, Arthur Boyd62MNYFeb.Lung CongestionHunter
Small, Samuel55MIRAug.Heart DisentryShip Carpenter
Snyder, Herbert6MORMayDiphtheria-
Snyder, Mattie2MORMayDiphtheria-
Snyder, William8MWADec.Diphtheria-
Wright, William8MWAMayDiphtheria-